You don’t just have the answer, you are the answer.

You have the answer. Yes, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you have always had the power to go home. 

Now, I fully appreciate Glinda the Good Witch’s methods in allowing Dorothy the opportunity to discover this for herself. The experience of facing her fears in service of love and watching the monster disintegrate before her eyes, is a far more powerful way of driving home the message than telling Dorothy straight out that she always had it in her to overcome her worst fears. But, this is a blog post and we only have so much time and space, so I am taking it upon myself to cut to the chase.


After 20 plus years of practice and training as a psychologist, I have earned the authority to tell you this. I have spoken to thousands of people in my professional role, which has afforded me the great privilege and opportunity to listen to the authentic expression of thousands of truths in service of helping those in need find their way to a better place. And I am telling you that all of them had the answer to what they needed to do. They might not have understood the “how”, but they all knew the “what”.

The fact is we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. All that is needed are the right conditions. Among its many benefits, writing with what I have come to call the Flow to Grow Method, is the practice of the very conditions science has proven is the source of all healing, both emotional AND physical.

That’s right. When you set aside time and space to express yourself honestly, without fear of judgment, you are essentially giving yourself the opportunity to experience the conditions that every healer is trained to create to facilitate inner healing: unconditional acceptance and empathy (ie, the ability to really listen, with an attitude of open curiosity).

Every time you sit down to allow the truth to come out, you are practicing making space for yourself to just… be. At its core, it is a practice of telling yourself over and over again that you are loved and accepted… No. Matter. What.  

Over time, that inner judge, who has held you captive under the weight of shame and guilt, that compares you to others (and never in a good way), makes you fearful of making mistakes, or even worse, takes away from your achievements by convincing you that nothing you do will ever be good enough, this once powerful force becomes progressively less relevant until, like the bad witch, she simply melts away.

And with her gone, well now, not only are you really starting to heal, but something else quite exquisite is given room to emerge; your most creative, authentic self.

As far as I am concerned, this is your purpose.  The entire reason you are here is to fully show up in your authenticity, not just for yourself, but so that all of us have the opportunity to benefit from what you are here to contribute.

There will never be this version of you, in this form, on this planet ever again. Ever AGAIN!  

Don’t you want to know who you are?  Not the version of you who is just trying to fit into someone else’s idea of who you should be, but who you really are at the core of your being.  I know I do.  It is my obsession and I have conveniently created a life where I get to witness and connect with the divine essence of others almost every day.  

As a witness to the process, what I can tell you is this:  when people start listening to their truth and living in alignment with it they become better people.  The aligned version of you is less prone to react out of fear, is able to process your own emotions and let go of the stories that no longer serve you.  You are clear in your resolve to do what is necessary and you are no longer controlled by external forces.  You have more energy, you see opportunity, you take more risks, you are open to exploring and you are experiencing what it is to live in the flow with life, joyfully, and purposefully.  

This is what is available in this lifetime.  And you experiencing this is good for all of us.  It is what you can contribute to making this world a better place now and for generations to come.

So when I say thank you for being here, know that I mean this with every fiber of my being.  Thank you for joining me in this effort to do the inner work and be part of the solution.  You are my hero.

Let’s do this thing! 

I can’t wait to share this experience with you.


Dr. Stacy

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