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Videos for Spiritual and Emotional Growth​

This is where we come to learn from some of the most prolific teachers when it comes to spiritual and emotional growth.   These videos are here for you to watch and rewatch whenever you want.  No time to watch the videos in their entirety?  No problem.  Under each video you will find a list of keywords and phrases that you can use to take you to the exact clip that is the main focus of our discussion.  How does this work? Check this out… Click the search icon on the top left hand corner of the video, type in the keyword and phrase and skip to that specific clip.  Isn’t that cool?  I know. I love it!

All of these videos are sure to get you thinking.  So if these conversations spark some ideas, don’t be selfish!  Share them.  We look forward to your comments and insights in the forum.


If you are new here, THIS is where you want to start.  
Consider this Growing Forward 101, which will help you to get quickly oriented to what it truly means to adopt and practice a growth mindset.