IG Live FLOW TO GROW Sessions

Tuesday Mornings 7am

In this morning practice, we will join together to tap into a higher level of consciousness that exists both within and between us.

After a brief introduction, Dr. Stacy will lead us through a 3-minute meditation to create an atmosphere of radical acceptance. She will then provide a prompt that we will use to help guide our writing flow.  Together, we will write without stopping, or editing for 15 minutes.  This will be followed by a closing meditation to help us integrate the message that came through and continue on effectively with the rest of the day. Note that Dr. Stacy will be the only one on screen for this IG Live Session at 7am! So no worries about how you look, come relaxed and ready to simply write.

All participants are invited to join Dr. Stacy and a guest for our follow up IG Live on Wednesdays from 12:30 – 1:00 pm where we will discuss the insights that came through the Flow to Grow Practice with the prompt of the week. Questions for Dr. Stacy and her guest are also welcomed.

Register below to ensure you receive the login details to join the call.  Not sure you can make it at 7 am? No problem.  If you register, you will also get the recording of the week’s Flow to Grow session to your inbox for you to use whenever it’s convenient. 

If you can’t join us live, we suggest that you try to do the practice within 24 hours so that you can actively participate in the conversation the following day!

We are excited to experience this with you. Prepare to be lifted and shifted!

See you soon

Dr. Stacy